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The Pakistani fashion industry has blossomed in recent years, and the appetite for innovation in other fields of design has grown as well. For well-established brands as well as emerging labels, uniting traditional and contemporary looks is a recurring theme that both these labels and emerging talent adhere to. 

As fashion continues to evolve, so must we as buyers and designers. As each of us defines fashion differently, so do we as buyers. It is no secret that every year, every season, and every fashion trend has a new range of styles, colors, and themes. Having such ever-changing trends at our disposal lets us introduce changes to our wardrobes that are both exciting and inspiring.

There are several extraordinary trends every year, but the following offbeat fashion trends have always been the ones to watch. Let’s check out some of these trends.

Let’s start with bold colors – An up and coming fashion trend in Pakistan is to wear bold colors

The upcoming season will bring you bold and bright colors that you won’t want to miss. It is a no brainer that every woman and fashion lover wants to get their hands on bold colors for their parties. 

When it comes to casual wear, women prefer to wear bold colors to look more attractive and charming. Zara Shahjahan’s collection does the full justice in this category.

One of the newest Pakistani fashion trends to look out for is the flowing gown

There has always been a fashion trend for long gowns with flowing skirts that are a popular choice for bridal occasions as well as for party wear as well. You might feel as if you are wearing Floral Fantasies Premium Embroidered Lawn. 

Often, they reflect an image of style and decency due to their beautiful decoration of heavy embroidery and beadwork. They are also worn by celebrities from all over the world.

Medium Length Shirts are also quite popular

There is never a dull moment when it comes to the medium-length shirt trend! Medium-length shirts are returning to the fashion market in the current era, and others are following suit. On the whole, women prefer medium-length shirts to wear for casual wear, as well as on special occasions and during celebrations.

The new long shirt trend

Some ladies prefer wearing long shirts. There are still long shirts in style, which look good on everyone regardless of height. You can find them in a variety of styles and lengths. In addition, long, flowy costumes have also become very popular this season. And they feel on the skin just like a beautiful Firdous Bliss Lawn.

One of the most popular styles is the Chikankari Straight Cut Shirt

Several new kinds of kurtas are available on the market these days that follow the latest fashion trends. 

These include long straight-cut kurtas. Shirts made of chikankari fabrics have been trending in recent years and they can be tied with dupattas to give a better and more glamorous look. You can wear them like a Gul Ahmed’s Lawn. Moreover,if you have straight pants, you can contrast them with the shirts.

The pastel palette is chic and very appealing

During the spring and summer seasons, people prefer to wear neutral shades and ice-cream pastel shades along with different contrasting tones so that they can have a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Zaha Lawn are also available in pastel color if you decide to go for them. In this year’s bridal and casual collections, the cool ice-cream pastel collection is all about the romantic hues that are the favorite of this year.

The statement dupatta

There has been a great deal of interest in the dupattas that have been added to the luxury dresses. In order to enhance your dressing needs this season, we are recommending heavy dupattas that go well with your simple and softer look dresses. 

Your outfit will appear complete with lights, ruffles, block prints, and a whole range of dupattas. It doesn’t matter if you have a simple dress or something heavy, a statement dupatta will make your overall look much more sophisticated.

Denim embroidered with lace

It used to be a trend in Pakistan to wear embroidered denim kurtas back then. Moreover, it turned out to be an inspiration to all women and companies at the same time. Denim kurtas have a slightly vague look, and the bright embroidered sleeves add a splash of color. MARIA.B. Lawn collection also has the lace and stuff to surprise you in this era of new trends. Comfort is the most important factor when it comes to these kinds of clothes.

Silk shirts are a good example 

Silk shirts are now one of the hottest fashion trends in Pakistan today. A large number of young people prefer to wear silk shirts for casual occasions. It is a lovely delicate silk shirt that is comfortable, and stylish, but not so inviting. However, with a few alterations, it can still provide a fashionable look to the wearer.

You must know that all of the dresses featured above are part of the popular fashion trends category. If you are considering options, it is important to make sure they are appropriate for your personality and do not create a boring overall look. 


There is no doubt that Pakistani women are known for their beautiful modest style sense; hence, it is no wonder that they are trend-setters. The latest Pakistani fashion trends will include a lot of printed hijabs, beautiful and long gold abayas, statement rings, as well as a lot more. For more information on these trends, then feel free to check out Zaha Fayroz Festive Lawn Collection. 

We maintain a shopping site with all the stylish dresses for Islamic women available on the market. We offer a huge range of products that makes shopping with us an enjoyable experience. Here you can get into the latest trends, and if you are looking for them, this is the right place for you to try them out! There have been some trends that have dominated for some time now, and they will not fade away anytime soon.

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