Top 3 Ways To Style A Gorgeous Ethnic Scarf

Top 3 Ways To Style A Gorgeous Ethnic Scarf

Let’s face it, a fashionable and style-conscious woman’s wardrobe game is always incomplete
without two or three ethnic scarves. Needless to mention, ethnic scarves are surely one of the
best fashion accessories out there. They are fun, classy, vibrant, and just you – all rolled into one.
The best part is they go well with so many things. Yes, you read it right! With the most stylish
outfit ideas, there are many ways you can style an ethnic scarf. This is exactly why, in this
interesting blog, we are going to give you the top three interesting ideas to style an ethnic scarf
because the options are endless.

Simple Over The Head

If you want to flaunt your gorgeous ethnic scarf, pinning it on the top of your head is the best
way to do so. Even though it is simple and old-style, it is one of the extremely stylish ways of
carrying an ethnic scarf. The best thing is that you opt for this way for both western and ethnic
wear. But we would recommend this awesome style only for ethnic outfits as you don’t have to
worry about it falling off while you are on the dance floor. Additionally, this style can be used
when you flaunt a heavy and star-embroidered dress from Zaha Fayroz Festive Lawn Collection.
Trust me, it will give you a classy look. This style is even used by most celebrities.

The Shrug Look

How about styling your ethnic scarf as a shrug Gul Ahmed’s Lawn? All you need is to wrap your
star ethnic scarf across your shoulders, then carefully tie its corners at the backside to give it a
shrug look. Wearing an ethnic scarf as a shrug with one of the beautifully designed Gul Ahmed’s
suits won’t ever complain. This look is classy and sleek and great for formal settings. Most
fashion-conscious ladies love easy-to-go techniques like this!

Triangle Angle

And finally, a triangle-angle way of wearing a scarf is a definite keeper! This is one of our
favourite picks. All you need is to fold your beautiful scarf in half to create a triangle angle out of
it, then wrap it around your neck, and point it downward. And, you are super ready for any
occasion! Despite the size and shape of your scarf, it is one of the easiest ways to style one with
an embroidered lawn, so it is a must-try for many women. If you don’t have one in your
wardrobe, choose one from Zaha Fayroz Festive Lawn Collection to steal the limelight of all
occasions without any effort.

Wrapping Up

We hope these top three styling tips were helpful in many ways you can style your lovely and
comfy ethnic scarf. The gorgeous Pakistani ethnic scarves have been admired by women across
the globe, especially in India, over the past few years, and they have been steadily opting for these coolest fashion accessories. If you don’t have an ethnic scarf, it’s time to add one to your

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