Understanding The Difference Between Traditional Wear and Ethnic Wear

The elegance and charm of ethnic clothing have been upheld from time immemorial, and the
occidental culture has always been intrigued by the glitter and magnificence of the popular
ethnic costumes – saree, Zara Shahjahan, Firdous Bliss Lawn, and more.
With the introduction of new trends and fashion, skilled fashion designers mixed western and
ethnic sensibilities, giving birth to fusion clothing, which surprised the worldwide fashion
Let’s face it, it is not at all hard to find a woman who doesn’t love wearing traditional and
ethnic wear. The fashionable styles, cuts, and comfort of western clothing were combined
with the traditional finery and glitz, which inevitably increased the appeal of Pakistani ethnic
wear on the international market.

What is Traditional Wear?

Traditional clothing embodies our culture and sense of self. Keeping them is essential if we
want to maintain our traditions. If we don’t spread the word about our traditions, no one else
will, and they’ll probably go. People who travel overseas often adopt the local western trends
without considering their own country’s identity and traditions. They should remember,
nevertheless, that how they wear communicates something about who they are.

A little About Ethnic Wear

Pakistani cultural beliefs are closely entwined with ethnic clothing. People of all ages
generally hold this to be true and practice it as their religion. These traditional ethnic clothing
are available in a wide range of designs and styles like Gul Ahmed’s Lawn, and Zaha Lawn
based on your comfort, color, style, design, and fabric preferences.

Here are a few ethnic wears that are most loved by people

The Zaha Lawn

Zaha is the go-to place for unusual clothing that is brimming with personality, outstanding
femininity, and timeless appeal. With its dramatic and eclectic style, Zaha’s dynamic and
modern philosophy honors strong women and conjures qualities of passion and
inventiveness. The firm has something for every occasion, concentrating on on-trend colors,
artisanal embroidery, and environmentally sourced textiles. By providing the Zaha woman
with a one-stop destination for all women who are discovering their style and unique fashion
to their personality. Zaha has it all covered. If you are already inspired, discover the latest
Zaha Fayroz Festive Lawn Collection, which contains a variety of Zara Shahjahan, Zaya
Lawn, and more.

The MARIA.B. Lawn

A brand that is named “Coco Chanel” of Pakistan, we have one of the most renowned
names, MARIA.B. The company began in 1999 with one retail outlet and a tiny stitching unit,
with Maria’s only emphasis being to provide ready-to-wear apparel that expressed an
elegant mix of east and west. Today, MARIA.B. is Pakistan’s most versatile designer fashion
brand, offering prêt a porter, couture, formal wear, lawn, embroidered textiles, linen, and
cotton all under one affordable label. Check the wide variety of Ethic Pakistani outfits, from
lawn to linen, Maria B has got it all covered for all your fashion needs.

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