Latest Ethnic Wear Trends For This Summer Season

The real charm of Pakistani clothing is the devotion to the royal ethnic culture of the country. With
the salwar kameez being worn as the national dress of the country, the traditional ethnic wear has
consisted of the weaves of the fabric ‘Lawn’. Lawn suits are an ethnic that is a very comfortable
wearable for a daily basis and also for any occasion it asks to portray.

The Lawn fabric and made from cotton, which is a perfect and preferred choice for summers. It is
lightweight and untextured which gives a silky, supple feel to the cloth. The best part of the fabric
being it gives a royal look and is available in crisp, semi-crisp, and crisp materials without making it
stiff. Pakistani Lawn suits are focused more on embroidery and go pretty well for casual and informal
settings. Lawn suits are loved by every Pakistani woman due to their reflection of the culture and

Below is a listicle of the latest trending ethnic wear for this summer season to maximize comfort and at the same time carry yourself with grace.

1) Firdous Jade Bliss Lawn 2022

The premium of their vast variety is known to define all the qualities that a Lawn suit has to offer!
Their Lawn Suit offerings are as sheer and crisp as organza. With their availability from soft to a crisp
finish, they also render many attractive summer shades with impressive prints from beige, aqua,
lavender, teal, and so much more. Their dress combination includes Lawn Kameez, Dupatta and
Trousers. A must-add to the wardrobe for the upcoming Eid-ul-Adha 2022.

2) Floral Fantasies Embroidered Lawn

Having their compilations of charming floral designs, their collection of Lawns will radiate the
femininity in you in free-flowing and comfortable, printed designs. Comprises exclusive motifs which
you would have never come across and is elegant to wear for a day out of casual wear.

3) Gul Ahmed’s Lawn

If you are looking for a dreamy, classy look then you should check out their exclusive collection of
; you can achieve your happy-go-lucky avatar carrying utmost confidence. Their Lawns consist
of minimal intricate designs and embroidery but radiate elegance with every wear.

4) Zaha Lawn

If you are a highly spirited, creative woman, then you should never miss fetching out their distinctive
fashion of Lawns. Their specialization in creating the product is a valuable one in the trendsetting
designs and colours that you can use to up your style game for a unique you.

5) Zaha Fayroz Festive Lawn Collection

With their fashionable neon colours which are a perfect set of colours to be adorned during summer
months. Zaha Fayroz’s Lawn styles offer seasonable fashion that every woman wants. Their exclusive
summer collection should be stolen if you are looking to nurture the elegant ethnic fashionista in

6) Zara Shahjahan

If you are looking for a vintage Pakistani fashion keeping in mind the attention to fabric detail this
summer then their Lawns will showcase your fashion in the purest form. Their products are designed
by skilled craftsmen adding luxury and simplicity at the same time.

7) MARIA B.Lawn

If luxurious embroidery is on your fashion bucket list then you should check out their grand store
which offers eclectic designs and added charm. Not only this, they comprise stylings for wedding
couture, jewellery, ready-to-wear attires and accessories.

Lawn suits are trendsetters and are the most elegant ethnic form of clothing that is adored by every
woman. Brands like Gul Ahmed, MariaB, Zaha, and Zara Shahjahan are offering beautiful couture of

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